Saturday, April 25, 2015

Why do I paint?

There's something so romantic about leaving parts of yourself behind - little footprints of yourself in a busy world. When I think about my paintings hanging on the walls all over the country and some parts of the world, I get a little smile inside just knowing that I'm there; I made an imprint or impression in someone's life. Maybe my painting was the topic of a conversation or an ice breaker for someone's first date, maybe it brought up a memory at a family dinner. 

Last weekend it was the Masters.  I watched as Jordan Spieth @JordanSpieth broke records in the golf world. I watched in amazement as his score continued to go down. On the 18th green, during the final round, he found himself surrounded by a sea of people.
I noticed the colors, the people, the course, and something about it grabbed the artist in me. So I set up a canvas, got my paints out, and went to town. 
I got lost in the piece and didn't know until I was finished that I painted until 5a. I had work that morning (in just a few short hours) but I didn't care. It felt amazing to get lost in it. 
Sometimes it's an image that inspires me to paint. Sometimes it's a feeling. Sometimes I force myself to paint when I really am not feeling it and then 1/2 way through, I connect with the piece. 
Mostly, I just paint because I love creating something with my hands, that I can leave behind, and make imprints in the lives of others. When I am long gone, my work will still be here and I guess that makes me feel like a part of me will still be here too. 
Here is the time lapse of "18 Under on 18 - The Masters". 

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