Monday, April 27, 2015

Cincinnati Skyline - palette knife painting time lapse

Today I was thrilled to complete this commissioned painting for a local collector. He has a deep love for the city of Cincinnati and wanted an original painting he could put up and enjoy in his home.  

He and I went through several sketch drafts prior to me painting this piece. I wanted to be sure to deliver exactly what he wanted. 

This piece took me about 11 hrs to complete. 

The beauty of setting up a time lapse is that you can easily show the progress of a painting (or anything) in a very condensed time frame. The audience doesn't have time to get bored and you look like the fastest moving human ever. 

Tips for using the time lapse feature (on iPhone):

1. Set up a tripod. You may need to pick up an iPhone mounting bracket for the tripod if your tripod doesn't have one. 
2. Prep before you begin recording. 
3. Once you're ready to begin, turn your video camera setting to time lapse. 
4. Pres the record button
5. Have fun. 
6. I like to check the camera a few times to make sure it's still running ok. 
7. When you're done, push the red button again to finalize the video. 

Bam! You're done. iPhone does the rest. 

Too bad I can't actually paint that fast. 😉

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