Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Tools and Texture

I love love love the texture the palette knife brings to a canvas.  This week I bought a few new palette knives to try out. The texture you can get from a different kind of knife is pretty remarkable.  For me I always use a round circular knife for flower petals.  You get a nice pull of the paint when you lift it from the canvas that mimics the natural petal pretty nicely.  Anyone up for a knife party?

After completing a few color studies this week I was left staring at this:

and this:
Dear paint, 
Will you please stop yelling at me?  I see how those petals jump off the panel and it makes me want to break the "Please Do Not Touch" policy.  I know you're just laying there enjoying the hardening of your skin and the crispy air but in all fairness this has to stop... please.  I can't concentrate.

Your Texture Loving Artist

*PS. These paintings are available for collection at


Sorcerer said...

Never tried palette knifes!but I will

Nataša Vretenar said...

never saw knives like these! where can one purchase them?

Trisha Lamoreaux said...

You can find these knives at

Thanks for stoping by!

Just Another Women said...

Hi, I am an amateur painter. I just finished my 1st oil painting. I have not learnt any techniques formally. I tried kitchen knife to create some background textures. I loved your worked with pallete knife.