Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Abstract Modern Thick Impasto Palette Knife Painting

I never thought I'd be one to paint a painting to match my sofa or room colors but I'm sort of obsessed with charcoal gray, black, cream and mint green color palettes right now and I have yet to find a painting in these colors that catches my eye so I figured why not see what I could come up with.

Here it is:

Maybe I'll put it in my front room... 

 Just in case you don't realize how much paint I used, take a closer look.

The look inspired me to create an entire series called "Marbles". If you have any color combinations you'd like me to try, please let me know. 

Modern impasto palette knife painting for sale in mint, charcoal, gray, silver, black, cream and white. The balls of paint stick off the canvas and make you want to touch them. 

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