Wednesday, October 8, 2008


I logged into my redbubble account to check in and see how things were going. It was a nice surprise. I had entered "Fresh Rain" into a group contest called "Blue" and I found out I won. On top of that "Fresh Rain" had also been placed on the main RedBubble homepage. When your art gets displayed on the homepage like that the hits go through the roof. Not just on their site but my blog, website, keyword searches all went up like crazy. Then to top it off I just received an email that I will be the November Artist of the Month for I'm thrilled! My work will be featured for the entire month. I'm excited to see how that will affect the rest of my web stuff.

I hope too get out and get some painting done while the fall leaves are changing. Its so beautiful up the canyon I just want to grab a warm blanket and soak it all up. I will at least get my camera out. Stay tuned...

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spence munsinger said...

there is a certain red-orange glow in some trees just when autumn starts... if you can catch the color when it has just come through, that orange glow is amazing. thanks for writing again. the work is very good.