Friday, February 29, 2008

Paris Traffic

Paris Traffic
Oil on gallery wrapped canvas
(c) Trisha Lamoreaux 2008


Kim said...

Wonderful work with the city traffic series! I admire the challenges you give yourself.

Anonymous said...

The palette used in your urban scenes is great - reminds me of James Michalopoulos work out of New Orleans, yet you have your own thing going on. -Bravo!


Anonymous said...

Very nice painting, Trisha!
See some of my painting:

Greg said...

Love it! I trust you weren't standing in the Place de l'Etoile traffic as you were painting or you probably wouldn't be alive to tell the tale :-)

Brent Perkins said...

I like this a lot. Evokes a memory of when I was there. In other words it has an emotional impact, and that's what art is supposed to do.